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2005-11- 2, 8:36 AM

Transitio NYC in Chinatown

I went to Chinatown for a street projection, which took place on the corner of Canal Street and Centre Street. It is the second part of "Transitio NYC":http://www.artdvision.com/ series, which is a project about creating global public art in ten different cities in the world. Creator "Solange Fabiao":http://www.artdvision.com/TRANSITIO_NYC2005/Transitio_NYCpress-release1.htm was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and she studied architecture, set design and digital media before, so her projects are always kind of the combination of those distinctive mediums, trying to experiment with the limit of multimedia experiences. The content of this projection is from the perspective of a car passenger going through several different neighborhoods in Shanghai and Nanjing, two of the biggest cities in Mainland China. The style of this 40-minute short film is non-narrative, like the clips captured from a documentary. By creating this, the artist wants to recreate and imaginable existence that represents the nostalgia and homesickness for the inhabitants of Chinatown. Like artist said, ” It’s a global dialogue of a city within a city.” It means we can see China in Chinatown, and it’s kind of a bizarre and extraordinary sensual experience for the residence. Projection brings rare awareness to those pedestrians walking in the neighborhood, which is probably the busiest, dirtiest and most hectic district in New York City. It also rebuilds the linkage of cultural relations between immigrants and its adopted country. As we know, Chinese is one of the biggest emigrant races in the States and New York City as well, so it is a provocative approach to explore the boundary between people and its native country. The other interesting issue is the way of “look”. The film is made through the eye of a car passenger, so via the camera movement, we can almost feel the same way to observe the vibration and clamor on those Chinese streets. On the other hand, when people see this projection behind the window of a NYC cab running on Canal Street, this experience will transform to the other kind of “look”. Its perspective is more fluid and whimsical, like the angle from a tourist, not a resident. Hence, different position also brings different understanding of this projection.

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